September 2006. I was in my workshop photographing old paintings. First I felt a sweet and pleasant wind. Some papers were beginning to fly. Then the breath strengthened / caught momentum, whirling in the workshop. This made my photography more and more difficult. Some drawing-pins which had been holding papers began to fly around the room. The breath was picking up dust and was picking up speed, almost lashing, forcing me to stop my work. I was somewhat pulled out of the room. I just followed that call and walked out to watch this funny storm. As I was walking out I started to realize the extent of the phenomenon. It was a beautiful day, the sky was blue, a tender and clear blue which characterizes those mornings at the end of summer. A luminous sun was facing me. It took my eyes a few seconds to adjust to the light.

And there, suddenly, I gradually discovered a very strange sky, populated with creatures scattered all around the yard in the middle of which I was myself standing. Half shivering, I started to laugh at this potential morning hallucination. At this point in time one of the creatures which faced me opened a wide mouth, like some voracious animal, tearing away a long silent cry that almost made me fall. I remained rooted to the spot for a few moments. I then watched the procession of creatures that slowly started to move. It was an incredible spectacle that was offered to me - some sort of opening ceremony where all the actors are present. Then the creatures dispersed, creating a multitude of small pictures against the blue of sky.

Coming back to my senses, I then realized I had carried my camera with me. I started to take photographs.
The phenomenon lasted for 2 days.
This site presents a set of photographs taken during this period.